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Pre Order Starfield Constellation Edition - Xbox Series X

Pre Order Starfield Constellation Edition - Xbox Series X

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Introducing Starfield, the highly anticipated spacefaring RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, the acclaimed creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking new universe, where you have the freedom to shape your destiny and uncover the mysteries that lie beyond our solar system. Set in the year 2330, humanity has expanded its reach across the cosmos, and you will join Constellation, a fearless group of space explorers on a quest for rare artifacts that span the galaxy. Brace yourself for Bethesda's most ambitious game yet, filled with boundless exploration and limitless possibilities.

Embark on an incredible journey by crafting your own unique character. Customize your appearance, choose your Background and Traits, and forge your path as an experienced explorer, a persuasive diplomat, a stealthy cyber runner, or whatever archetype you desire. The power to shape your destiny is in your hands.

Prepare to traverse the vast expanse of outer space, where over 1000 planets await your exploration. Wander through bustling cities, navigate treacherous bases, and venture into wild and untamed landscapes teeming with untold wonders. Discover the secrets of each world as you unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Take command of the ship of your dreams and personalize it to your heart's content. Modify critical systems, such as weapons and shields, and assign a crew with unique abilities to enhance your ship's performance. Whether you aspire to be a fearsome pirate or a noble explorer, your vessel will be a reflection of your dreams and ambitions.

Become a master of discovery, collecting valuable resources, exotic flora, and fauna from distant planets. Use these materials to craft essential items, from life-saving medicine and nourishing food to top-of-the-line equipment and powerful weapons. Establish outposts, hire a dedicated crew, and passively extract valuable materials while setting up cargo links to efficiently transfer resources between your bases.

Prepare yourself for thrilling combat encounters with a refined combat system. Choose your preferred weapon type, be it long-range rifles, deadly laser weapons, or explosive demolitions, and modify them to suit your playstyle. Engage in intense battles and adapt to any situation that arises.

By pre-ordering now, you will receive the exclusive "Old Mars Skin Pack," featuring in-game bonus skins, including the Laser Cutter, Deep Mining Helmet, and Deep Mining Pack. Enhance your gameplay experience right from the start.

This incredible bundle includes the Starfield Base Game, as well as the Shattered Space Story Expansion (upon release), granting you even more captivating content. Gain up to 5 days of early access, ensuring you're among the first to embark on this epic adventure.

In addition, you'll receive the Constellation Skin Pack, featuring the Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, and Boost Pack, allowing you to stand out as a distinguished member of Constellation. Immerse yourself in the rich world of Starfield with access to the digital artbook and the original soundtrack, both providing deeper insights into the game's development.

To celebrate your journey, the Steelbook Display Case will safeguard your copy of Starfield, while the Constellation Patch can be proudly displayed on your gear. You'll even receive the Starfield Chronomark Watch and Case, a stunning timepiece that showcases your dedication to this extraordinary universe.

To top it all off, a Credit Stick with a laser-etched game code will be included, ensuring secure access to your digital copy of Starfield.

Don't miss out on the chance to be part of gaming history. Embark on a thrilling space odyssey like no other. Pre-order Starfield today and prepare to witness the birth of a new universe!

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