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Included in this exclusive package is the STANDARD EDITION of FINAL FANTASY XVI and a collector's edition box that features four special items to fully immerse you in the dark fantasy world where the fate of the land rests upon the powerful Eikons and their Dominants.

Experience the story of Clive Rosfield, the "First Shield of Rosaria," who vows to protect his younger brother Joshua, the dominant of the Phoenix, from the calamitous Dark Eikon Ifrit. Follow Clive on his journey of revenge in this tragic tale.

This set includes the following:

  • FINAL FANTASY XVI Standard Edition game
  • Collector's Edition goods box
    • Premium Statue - Phoenix vs Ifrit
    • Metal Eikon Pin Collection
    • Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook Case
    • Cloth World Map of Valisthea
  • Collector's Edition in-game item
    • Bonus Weapon: Blood Sword

Additionally, you'll receive pre-order bonus in-game items such as the Braveheart weapon and Cait Sith Charm accessory, as well as collector's edition bonus in-game items like the Scholar's Spectacles accessory. The package also features collector's edition bonus digital content including a digital mini artbook and soundtrack.

As a SQUARE ENIX STORE pre-order bonus, you'll also receive The Realms of Valisthea Wall Banners, 15cm height printed cloth banners, and the FINAL FANTASY XVI Pre-Order Steel Book Case.

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