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Barbie Signature King Ocean Ken Merman Doll

Barbie Signature King Ocean Ken Merman Doll

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King Ocean Ken, an underwater king, is introduced in Barbie Signature. This magnificent sea creature enchanted Barbie fans and was chosen as the winning crowdsourced theme to be turned into a doll. This Ken merman doll emerges from his aquatic kingdom wearing gleaming rose gold colored armor that includes a shell-encrusted breastplate, shoulder armor, and bicep armbands. His regal head adornments and iridescent fins are perfect for a sea ruler, and his articulation allows for virtually limitless posing options. The Mattel Creations exclusive King Ocean Ken is an ideal gift for Barbie fans and collectors. There is a doll stand and a Certificate of Authenticity included. Doll cannot swim or stand on her own. Colors and decorations may change without notice.

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