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World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Playset Deluxe - Boo Mansion

World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Playset Deluxe - Boo Mansion

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Boo Mansion Playset is haunted by boos that Mario must avoid in order to get through, just like in the game! Included in the playset are interactive pieces with feature mechanisms and a two and half inch Fire Mario figure. There are four functioning doors – Mario can enter one door and secretly using the lift in the back of the playset, Mario can re-appear in any of the 3 remaining doors. Don’t be fooled by the trick door where a boo will appear ready to attack, while King Boo sways side to side, protecting the mansion. This playset works with most two and a half inch figures.
Nintendo launched its first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System™, in North America in 1985 and with it, introduced the popular Super Mario Bros.™ franchise. Mario™ has since gone on to star in many gaming adventures, becoming the pop-culture icon he is today. Along with his friends Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad, this classic video game hero has an enduring appeal for fans of all ages!

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