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Marvel Legends Series Venom 3 Pack 6-Inch Scale Collectible Action Figures (Amazon Exclusive)

Marvel Legends Series Venom 3 Pack 6-Inch Scale Collectible Action Figures (Amazon Exclusive)

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Eddie Brock is separated from Venom after being kidnapped by the Life Foundation and subjected to torturous experiments in order to harvest the symbiote's offspring. The Riot symbiote, one of the Life Foundation's five sibling symbiotes harvested from Venom, prefers hammers and other bludgeoning weapons. Agony is the only one of her symbiotic siblings who possesses all of her siblings' abilities as well as the ability to spit deadly acid. With over 80 years of entertainment history, Marvel has become a cornerstone of fan collections all over the world. Marvel Legends Series characters from the Marvel Comic Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe are designed with premium detail and articulation for posing and display in collections.

  • MARVEL SYMBIOTE MULTIPACK: As part of the Marvel Legends line, the alien symbiotes Venom, Agony, and Marvel's Riot swing into action!
  • INSPIRATION FROM MARVEL COMICS: The sculpting and deco on the 6-inch scale Venom multipack figures are inspired by the sinewy appearance of the symbiotes in the comics!
  • PREMIUM ARTICULATION: The Marvel Legends Venom multipack figures have a lot of articulation, so you can play or display them in comic-inspired poses!
  • SYMBIOTIC ACCESSORIES: The Marvel Legends Venom multipack includes a slew of premium accessories to complete the ferocious look of the symbiote trio, including alternate hands and Venom's human host, Eddie Brock!
  • SIZE 6 INCHES MARVEL UNIVERSE: More Marvel Legends Spider-Man action figures based on the classic animated series will be released in the near future.
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