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Animal Crossing amiibo Card 3pk - Rosie, Goldie, & Stitches

Animal Crossing amiibo Card 3pk - Rosie, Goldie, & Stitches

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Get to know the characters of Animal Crossing™ with this special pack of 3 unique amiibo cards. Discover new friends or reunite with old ones. These amiibo cards are compatible with multiple games on multiple platforms!
Includes the following 3 “alternate art” cards:amiibo card #402 - Goldie
Goldie is a normal golden colored dog villager that frequently acts kind towards the player. She loves chocolate popsicles!

Star Sign: Capricorn
Birthday: December 27th
Dice Value: 2
Hand Sign: Rock

amiibo card #403 - Stitches
Stitches is a lazy cub villager that is friendly, loves food, and relaxing. As he says,“¬ stitch in time saves nine.”

Star Sign: Aquarius
Birthday: February 10th
Dice Value: 6
Hand Sign: Scissors

amiibo card #404 - Rosie
Rosie is a blue peppy cat villager that is friendly, excitable, and hospitable. Her name comes from her light pink blush on her cheeks.

Star Sign: Pisces
Birthday: February 27th
Dice Value: 4
Hand Sign: Paper

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